Vince Dooley to chair KSU Football Exploratory Committee

Legendary football coach Vince Dooley has been selected to chair the exploratory committee for football at Kennesaw State University. The committee consists of students, faculty, staff, alumni, business and community leaders, and friends and benefactors of Kennesaw State University. Over the next nine months, the committee study the impact of a football program and deliver their recommendations to KSU President Daniel S. Papp in September 2010.

“The launch of the Football Exploratory Committee is the next logical step in the progression of KSU’s athletics programs,” Papp said. “We are excited that a coach of the caliber of Vince Dooley has agreed to lead us through this process as KSU decides whether or not we should start a football program.”

On December 1, 2010, KSU announced a partnership with the Atlanta Beat Women’s Professional Soccer team that includes the construction of a $16.5 million, 8,300-seat stadium that will be ready by spring. The stadium could also be used for football, Papp said.


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  1. And i think the football program is a great idea especially if you are building a brand new stadium. Football is a american sport that brings alot of attraction and $. And when you build up a team that includes experienced players like myself people pay money to watch them in action beacuse they love wat they do and they play the game with alot of emotion and heart.

  2. As a KSU alum i have very proud to see the progress and growth that is occuring with the university. I am excited about this football team and the idea of raising the schools profile to the national level. Go OWLS!!!!


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