As an advertiser, you need to go where your customers go, and your customers are choosing to get their information online. Monthly Circulation:
Visitors: 25,000+

Monthly, our circulation reaches more than twenty five thousand people.  Each year, receives over a quarter million visits, and the numbers are growing. The combined reach of our city network is even larger, with over a million visits annually across,,,,, and

Ad Locations and sizes:
A large leaderboard ad is available next to the city logo, a medium rectangle ad is available in the sidebar, and featured ads are available in rotation at the top of the page and surrounding the main page content.  These ads appear on the homepage as well as all other pages throughout the site.

Ad Specifications:
Leaderboard Ad Dimensions – 728x90px
Sidebar Ad Dimensions – 300x250px
Featured Ad Dimensions – 120x90px
Max file size – 40 KB
File type – .jpg, .gif, or .png
Static (no animation, flash, or scripts)

You have the option of sending us your ad in the format specified above, or you can simply send us a copy of your logo to use as your ad and we will re-size it at no additional fee.

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