Small Business Heroes – Viral Protective Services

The Town Center CID recognizes local companies who are reaching out, fulfilling needs, and aiding their neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis. These are just a few of their stories:

Viral Protective Services

Viral Protective Services (VPS), is a new company brought to you by the principals behind Blue Sky Exhibits. Blue Sky Exhibits thrived on large gatherings and trade shows, which unfortunately came to a screeching halt earlier this year. The owners of Blue Sky Exhibits, Don Keller and Tim Kelley, had a contingency plan for something like this, but it did not include a new business. Keller and Kelley knew they wanted to contribute to the community in some way, as they always have, so they got creative on how that goal overlapped with their current capabilities.

As society has begun to slowly reopen, many organizations find themselves at a loss on how to effectively and safely reopen. Keller and Kelley felt that they could fill this gap by offering solutions for protective architecture, education, and training from Business Infection Prevention Partners (BIPP), detection devices such as thermal screening, and more. That is how VPS came about. The company takes an in-depth look at how its clients’ businesses function and can provide almost anything conceivable to smooth their re-opening strategy. Furthermore, all their items can be customized to their clients’ brand.

Cobb County Tax Commissioner Carla Jackson, says, “A few months ago, I’d never heard of social distancing or worried about virus mitigation. VPS has been a great business partner in helping us navigate how to serve our customers in a safe environment.”

Beyond offering some services online, VPS assisted the Cobb County tag office to be outfitted with the appropriate tools to keep staff and patrons safe — items such as partitions between counters and stations, and much more. By providing an in-depth consultation and safety assessment, VPS was able to supply a thorough report of actions for the department to take to mitigate the potential spread of infection. Also, VPS provided infection prevention training to all tag office staff.

In a time where there is significant uncertainty, Keller and Kelley stepped up by recognizing a growing need in the community. “They are making a significant impact on our community and beyond to slow the spread,” the Town Center CID shared.

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