Sanitation Ordinance Changes

The City of Kennesaw is requesting feedback on several proposed changes to the 2010 City sanitation service. These changes have been proposed in order to offset rising costs and operate more efficiently while avoiding increased fees. The proposed 2010 changes include:

  • Reduce the number of vehicles and personnel
  • Go to one day a week garbage collection (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
  • Move brush collection to Monday (yard waste only – limit to number of bags)
  • Charge for bulk material collection (large limbs, white goods, furniture, etc.)
  • Accounts in property owner’s name – not renter’s name
  • Security deposit: $100 (container cost)
  • Reinstatement fee: $50
  • Bad Check/credit card: $25
  • Call Back & Special Pick up $25 normal hours; $55 after hours

Proposed 2010 Rate Changes:
Rates will be based on usage (base rate will not change)

  • Residential Rates will be based on the number of containers. 1 is $24, 2 will be $28, 3 will be $32, 4 will be $36 and 5 will be $40.
  • Commercial Rates will also be based on the number of containers. 1 will be $35, 2 will be $45, 3 will be $55, 4 will be $65, 5 will be $75.

Click here to provide feedback regarding these proposed changes.


  1. I see no problem with going with once a week pick-up. I rarely put garbage out twice a week. Once should be sufficient.

  2. Those changes r fine BUT, since the new company has taken over, the service IS TERRIBLE! In the Scarlett lane area!!!! I have sticks an stuff that they let sit for 2 or 3 weeks before they pick it up.. I have personally watched them just ride by it on SEVERAL occassions…. And this new deal about landlord having to put it in his name is just plain STUPID.. my landlord refuses to do it so…. I guess I will be throwing my trash in RANDOM DUMPSTERS FROM NOW ON!!! Good job kennesaw, hope your happy becuz I’m sure I’m not the only 1!!!!!


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