New CBS Reality Show “Block Party” Filming in Kennesaw

Block Party in Kennesaw

A new CBS reality show is filming in the Annandale section of Legacy Park in Kennesaw. The show will feature eight families of neighbors competing against each other for a chance to win a large cash prize. What’s the catch? All of the houses are are locked behind massive 20 foot walls made from 100 tons of steel. Shooting is scheduled for several weeks and the participants cannot leave or they forfeit their chance at winning. This means no going to school, no grocery shopping, no golf, no soccer practice, no dining out, and no going to work.

It’s a Mike Fleiss project (creator of “The Bachelorette”, “High School Reunion”) and the air date has not yet been announced.

Legacy Park

CBS Reality Show filming in Kennesaw

Annandale Reality Show

20 foot walls keep the neighbors in

Kennesaw Reality Show



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