Chasing Moonlight/Racing Sunlight 5k

It’s time to chase moonlight…. and race sunlight! The 5K in Paradise starts at 1am on the night Daylight Savings Time changes, giving you 1 hour to beat the time change. Finish the run to a tropical paradise complete with live palm trees, fruity drinks and beach music! Finishers will get a cool moon medal and their legendary pajama pants (they will be lightweight to get you ready for warm weather!!)

Don’t want to stay up late?? Come race sunlight! There will be a SECOND race at 8am, where you can race sunlight with the same tropical fun! Finishers will get a shirt that matches the pajama pants and a groovy sun medal!

OR TAKE THE DOUBLE DARE!! Run BOTH races for a great price, and score DOUBLE the swag! TWO medals, pajama pants, matching shirt…. and bragging rights that you knocked out both 5K’s and beat the sun and moon!!

March 13th, 2016
Chasing Moonlight 5K starts at 1 am
Racing Sunlight 5K starts at 8 am

Either 5K is $30, or run BOTH for $60

Town Center Mall, 400 Barrrett Parkway, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Plenty of FREE parking at the mall next to the start/finish!

For more information, please call 678 895 2631 or visit


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