Visit with Santa at Town Center Mall

There’s nothing like the annual visit to Santa for creating family holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Bring the kids and their lists to Town Center at Cobb mall for one of the most magical and enduring holiday traditions.

Santa and his reindeer will arrive at Town Center at Cobb on Friday, November 2, 2018.  Santa’s Arrival event will be in Center Court from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, complete with activities, face painting, balloon artists, stilt walkers, giveaways and more.  Everyone can then move outside around 6pm to see Santa and his reindeer arrive under a magical snowfall.

Santa will be available for pictures on his set from 6pm to 9pm that evening, and the first 200 children to visit will receive a special gift that evening.

Santa will be available starting in November and continuing through Christmas Eve.

2018 Santa Photo Hours:

11/2/2018 6pm 9pm
11/3/2018 10am 8pm
11/4/2018 Noon 6pm
11/5/2018 10am 8pm
11/6/2018 10am 8pm
11/7/2018 10am 8pm
11/8/2018 10am 8pm
11/9/2018 10am 8pm
11/10/2018 10am 8pm
11/11/2018 Noon 6pm
11/12/2018 10am 8pm
11/13/2018 10am 8pm
11/14/2018 10am 8pm
11/15/2018 10am 8pm
11/16/2018 10am 8pm
11/17/2018 10am 8pm
11/18/2018 Noon 6pm
11/19/2018 10am 8pm
11/20/2018 10am 8pm
11/21/2018 10am 8pm
11/22/2018 Photo Set Closed Thanksgiving
11/23/2018 9am 9pm
11/24/2018 9am 9pm
11/25/2018 Noon 8pm
11/26/2018 10am 9pm
11/27/2018 10am 9pm
11/28/2018 10am 9pm
11/29/2018 10am 9pm
11/30/2018 10am 9pm
12/1/2018 10am 9pm
12/2/2018 Noon 6pm
12/3/2018 10am 9pm
12/4/2018 10am 9pm
12/5/2018 10am 9pm
12/6/2018 10am 9pm
12/7/2018 10am 9pm
12/8/2018 9am 9pm
12/9/2018 11am 8pm
12/10/2018 10am 9pm
12/11/2018 10am 9pm
12/12/2018 10am 9pm
12/13/2018 10am 9pm
12/14/2018 9am 9pm
12/15/2018 9am 10pm
12/16/2018 10am 10pm
12/17/2018 9am 10pm
12/18/2018 9am 10pm
12/19/2018 9am 10pm
12/20/2018 9am 10pm
12/21/2018 9am 10pm
12/22/2018 9am 10pm
12/23/2018 9am 10pm
12/24/2018 8am 6pm
12/25/2018 Mall Closed Christmas


Free to visit Santa. Photo package pricing starts at $24.99. The phone number to the Santa Set is (720) 315-6549.

Town Center Mall – Center Court
400 Barrett Pkwy.
Kennesaw, GA 30144


  1. I’m trying to find out about an appointment with Santa for a picture. I understand it is first come first serve, so would like to know how to go about making an appointment.
    Thank You!

  2. It’s first come first serve. I’ve taken my son ever yr since 2010 when he was 7 months. We went on Christmas Eve 2010 & it was fast process & you get your pictures quickly as well. & even if there’s a line it moves very quickly. There are no appointments given. But if you wanted to beat the crowd go during a weekday early morning!

    • I’ve been going since my daughter was 5 mo old ( (2006), every year and a couple years ago they had 2 lines – one was for people that paid extra I believe – it’s the Santa pass that their starting to do everywhere – it’s just like the flash pass at six flags – so they alternate between the people that came in and the people that went online and paid to skip the line .

  3. What happened to the S – – – a that has been at Town Center for years. He was the best and I noticed this year he is not there. In so upset!

    • There are actually two S _ _ _ _’s at the Mall. There is one that starts his shift in the morning, and a second one that closes his shift at night.

  4. Help! I’m looking for the S – – – a that has been at Town Center for the last few years… does anyone have any leads?


  5. Thank you for the update on S—a. I We went to see him in 2011 and 2012. We were surprised it was different for 2013. It was such a neat experience. We will certainly miss him!

  6. I was informed by your staff hat I could make an appointment in order to go and see santa in order to avoid lines for my special needs child. She is crazy to go and see santa but if we have to make a line she is not going to understand she needs to wait and definitely we are going to confront with lots of behavior and tantrums. I hope you can understand.

    Please let me know

  7. We got 4 pictures/downloads but only three were texted to us and I can’t find the receipt. Is there a way for us to get our other picture?


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