Whole Foods to open in Kennesaw

Whole Foods Market announced it will open a new location in the mixed-use development at the corner of Barrett Parkway and US 41/Cobb Parkway. The newest store in Georgia for the natural and organic foods supermarket will occupy approximately 45,000 square feet of retail space.

“We’re always looking for new locations around the Atlanta metro area,” said Jeremiah Ryan, Whole Foods Market South region executive coordinator of operations.  “We’re excited that we’ve found a great location for the Kennesaw community, and we look forward to providing more people with good, healthy food options. We aim to be more than a grocery – our stores have a strong connection with the communities they serve. Whether through volunteer hours or fundraising efforts, we look forward to growing those partnerships with our newest store in Georgia.”

The new store is slated to open in the fourth quarter of 2016 in March of 2017 sometime in 2017? fall of 2017.

Lauren Bernath, Regional Social, Digital & PR Specialist Whole Foods Market │South Region, reached out to Kennesaw.com on January 6th, 2017 asking that we remove the March opening date and giving us the following update, “We are not yet ready to release an official opening date to the public. We ask that the community please keep checking back on our whole foods market website under store developments for updates!”

In early April of 2017, a sign was placed outside the Kennesaw Whole Foods location with the Whole Foods logo and text that reads, “Coming Fall 2017.”

You can check for updates regarding the opening date at Whole Foods website, online at:

You can also apply for a job at Whole Foods website, online at:

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  1. I can’t wait!!! please e-mail me when opening for jobs. I love Whole Foods and it will be a pleasure to work for you now that you came close to my home.


  2. If this new store is like the others, it will undoubtedly be authentically delicious. The social shopping experience! Can’t wait to be apart of the new community!

  3. Love Whole Foods….please email me when opening for jobs. full or part time …

  4. I’d like to work for you, too!! Moved from New Jersey and miss your wonderful presentation of delicious foods and flowers.

  5. I’m so happy Whole Foods is expanding; this is exactly what we needed! I would love to apply as soon as possible.

  6. Can’t wait for the opening!! Would love to be apart of the team! Please email me when you’re hiring process begins.

  7. Construction has not started! Nearly all other stores in the center have delivered. It’s late February 2017… Something ain’t right….WF, Fuqua…how about a public comment?

    • yes construction is started as a matter of fact COMPLETED. They are working on things inside…. no date yet on when they will be opening officially. rumor from surrounding merchants first mid spring to early summer. They will be closing the harry’s location up from the big chicken after that! 🙁 Hope that helps.

      • We drove past the front doors on March 24 and the floors were still dirt inside of the store. They still have much to complete.

  8. Whole Foods no longer has Kennesaw listed as one of there upcoming stores when you go to the link that’s posted. Hopefully they all work this out.

  9. Hey CC, you are entirely WRONG. I was all through that shell 3 days ago. NOTHING is being done inside and no Kennesaw Work Permit is posted. They will not be opening any time soon.

  10. Please email me when you will be hiring. What is the minimum age requirement for working at whole foods?

  11. Heard from a friend/contractor that Whole Foods pulled out and is not opening the store in Kennesaw.

    • That’s so messed up. I’ve been waiting for over a year for a store closer to my house in Holly Springs. 🙁

  12. Sick of waiting! Sprouts has store opening in Woodstock June 28 on Townlake Pkwy. Less expensive than Whole Foods, lots of organics, prepared foods, and same vitamins, soaps, shampoos, etc. Sorry Kennesaw, maybe you can work on getting a Trader Joe’s instead!

  13. Wow! sorry to hear that wholefoods is not opening in Kennesaw but excited to hear Sprouts will be in Woodstock. Less expensive and yes Judith we need a Traders Joe’s too!

  14. Sprouts just open up near the kennesaw location. That maybe the reason they decided not to open. Too much competition with the lower prices and same quality will hurt them.

  15. No wonder their sales are down. It’s taking way too long to open. They are losing lots of money stalling this long. Sprouts has a poor selection of organic food. Come on Whole Foods…open soon.

  16. I’ve just moved to the Kennasaw area, with my husband’s job, and I would be a great team player to your store with over 10 years experience. And with references to back it up.. Thank you , Julie Garlick

  17. Hello..I’m so glad that kennesaw is getting a Whole Foods market…I really love shopping there…Please e-mail me when u start hiring for jobs…

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